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Micrometer Heads with Non-Rotating Spindle

This is a differential screw translator (extra-fine feed) type of micrometer head.
It offers you the following benefits:
  • Micrometer head with ultra-fine rate of travel.
  • With its non-rotating spindle it is particularly suited to fine adjustments.
  • The differential travel mechanism with double spindle enables ultra-sensitive travel
  • Micrometer Head featuring a non-rotating spindle for delicate workpieces
  • Design suits applications where the twisting effect of the standard spindle is undesirable because of the risk of damage
  • Micrometer Head with non-rotating spindle and 1 mm spindle pitch.
  • Measurement values can be read directly from the 100-step graduation thimble without the complication of having to consider 1/2 mm values, which simplifies reading and therefore reduces the chance of error.
  • The scale is set to zero by rotating the barrel.
  • Extra-large-diameter micrometer head with non-rotating spindle.